Who we are

Printing SA (The Printing Industries Federation of South Africa NPC) is recognised as the official mouthpiece of the South African printing and packaging industry and is consulted by Government and all other important national bodies. Its modus operandi, control and efforts lies in the hands of its membership (comprising printing, packaging, labelling and other companies within the South African printing and packaging industry). Through their membership, members enjoy a ready-made forum for the exchange of views and access to information or advice. As a constituent member of the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), and the Johannesburg and Durban Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Printing SA is able to both influence and enlist the support of a wide range of organisations for the benefit of its members.

Our Vision

We represent the interests of printing and packaging Industry, ensuring that the industry is sustainable and that all stakeholders and, in particular, our members prosper.

Our Mission

We Confer, Consult; Campaign and Train for the well-being of the Industry.

Our Values



    Being honest and open in our dealings


    Providing value for money



Meeting our obligations to all our stakeholders.

Our promise:

  • Organise our members into a vibrant body representing the interests of the printing, packaging, digital imaging and reproduction industries of Southern Africa.
  • Encourage our members to be ethical in their business dealings.
  • Promote a general awareness of the pivotal role the industry plays in the socio-economical life of Southern Africa.
  • Develop meaningful relationships with our members, suppliers and providers as well as trade unions and the media.
  • Offer a relevant range of service, advice and training to members.
  • Be in touch with sister bodies worldwide in order to stay abreast of trends.
  • Encourage others to enter the industry and to join this body.
  • Overall, we promise to be the energy that motivates the industry in all spheres of its existence.

Our goals:

  1. Providing representation; protecting and enhancing the Printing and Packaging industry’s interest with government, sectoral bodies, the public and any other relevant entity, in policy matters that affect the industry eg SETA, tariffs and duties etc.
  2. Ensuring that the interests of the Printing and Packaging industry are taken into consideration by relevant government departments in any legislation that might affect its members eg the Air Quality Act.
  3. Ensuring that members are represented either directly or indirectly on national bodies that may affect their interests eg SETA, Statutory Council and SACCI.
  4. Providing competitively-priced and relevant services to members eg training, HR etc
  5. Actively campaigning for access to lower-priced raw materials for the printing and packaging industry.
  6. Encouraging members to address the challenges of prevailing market factors and to assist in providing solutions to members to meet such challenges
  7. Encouraging sound practice amongst members in the areas of financial management, industrial relations and general practice (we mediate; chair hearings and provide representations at CCMA).
  8. Providing at forum for members to discuss common needs within the confines of legislation eg Chamber Regional Committees and Training Council.
  9. Conferring, consulting, maintaining contact and co-operative with any authorities, associations, societies, institutions, non-profit organisations, non-governmental organisations and/or bodies of persons established or to be established in the RSA or elsewhere to promote the aforementioned objects of the Company; rural Screen printing Project; PMSA etc.
  10. Established  and support, or aid in the establishment and support of, any association or institution having objects similar to those of the Company and to subscribe or guarantee money for purpose calculated to further its objects; e.g. Industry Body; Unions; Pension funds.