Printing SA 2016 achievements 

The promotional brand of the Printing Industry Federation of South Africa has recently revived their mission to educate South Africans on the importance of print and packaging and continue to actively play a role as the official mouthpiece of the industry and its members.

This year (2016), has seen a more enthusiastic approach to “thinking ink” with numerous programmes and events having set the mark for the years to come.

On September 6, Printing SA, in collaboration with FESPA, kicked off the Jamboree Week of Print with the first ever “Speed meets your artisan”. This unique and successful speed interviewing event saw 13 successful students from the Printing SA digital programme as well as 5 apprentices from the 2015 TT1 block being introduced to prospective employers. 24 year old Marvin Smith from Johannesburg was one of the fortunate candidates and was offered an employment opportunity at Corpnet Design proving this programme a success.

The was followed with a half-day conference (on September 7th) featuring a line-up of speakers as well as a glamorous gala dinner held at Gallagher Convention Centre during which an honorary award was bestowed upon the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Mr Mduduzi Manana. Advocate Ismail Molale (Senior Official of the Deputy Minister of Higher Education Office) accepted the award on his behalf.

Printing SA awards an honorary membership to a limited number of individuals in recognition of their outstanding contribution towards the industry. The reason for this award is the Minister’s campaign, The Decade of the Artisan, which has highlighted the printing trade to the community at large and elevated awareness of the need to grow the industry.

In addition to this honorary award, 27-year-old Dave de Mink of Logo Print in Cape Town was awarded SA’s Africa Print National Technical Theoretical Achiever Award sponsored by Practical Publishing. He started his training in 2013, completing Technical Theoretical Modules 1, 2 and 3 in 2015 with an average pass mark of 91%. This placed him at the top of his class and made him a deserving candidate for the award.

Following on from the success of the Jamboree Week of Print, Printing SA was also the driving force behind the International Day of Print on October 19th. Now in its third year, this global 24-hour celebration was aimed at highlighting the creativity, importance and power of print and paper.

Printing SA also executed a pre-event campaign at Phomolong Secondary School in Kempton Park. On October 17th, Printing SA formulated a specific skills transfer training course at Phomolong Secondary School. This was aimed at encouraging the youth to “Think Ink”.

Forty of the school’s top performing mathematics and physical science learners from Grade 8 participated in an interactive screen printing course and were provided with materials to complete various tasks. The top three learners awarded prizes for outstanding work at a special assembly were: 1st: Boitumelo Mokwena; 2nd: Tshilidzi Muronga and 3rd: Elethu Mnqumeni.

This campaign will become a legacy programme in order to encourage development within the print industry. It will also feed through to Durban and Cape Town, with training occurring as part of a rural outreach programme.

Over the past year, Printing SA has lobbied on behalf of the printing industry regarding the enactment of legislation that is likely to have a massive impact on the sector.

Since the initial notice published by the Department of Environmental Affairs requiring the preparation of industry waste management plans for approval, Printing SA has repeatedly engaged with government to discuss the details and implications of this. Industry consensus is that the republished notice remains structurally problematic, has many inconsistencies, includes blatant inaccuracies and needs to be completely redrafted and republished for further sector input.

The Minister of Environmental Affairs (DEA) published a notice with regards to listing certain printing industry activities as controlled emitters in terms of Section 23 of the Air Quality Act 39/2004. Printing SA represented the industry in the meeting held in March 2016 and will forward comments in response. It is proud of its involvement and believes it has reached a good balance in ensuring the sustainability of both the environment and the sector. 

Printing SA also succeeded in having aluminium printing plates declared duty free.

On the 13th June this year and is proud of its involvement in ensuring the sustainability of the industry.

The DEA has been contemplating the introduction of a Chemicals Management Bill which will impact on all sectors using chemicals. Printing SA has opposed this bill which has been put forward during tough economic times and after government has formally reiterated its commitment to the removal of red tape. Through the involvement of Printing SA, the bill is currently on hold.

2017 will see Printing SA driving print even further into the public sphere.

R5 million has been allocated to market the brand across the country. This will take the form of brand building activities, media placements, promotions, exhibitions, public relations, internal marketing as well as events and CSI initiatives.

In addition to this, Printing SA has introduced a new digital pre-press and printing programme. This was piloted in Gauteng and will soon to be introduced via the regional chambers. The course introduces learners to the digital print industry and is aimed at unemployed, employees and experienced operators. There are a total of 7 modules that include introduction to digital printing, DTP and file design, colour, inks, media, finishing and overview of machines.

In September 2017, the Jamboree Week of Print’s annual gala dinner will take place again at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand. This has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 13th. 

The Printing SA conference will also be held on September 15th, falling in the same week as the print industry’s much anticipated FESPA Africa and Africa Print Expo.

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