As a printing and packaging company, but one that is not yet a member of Printing SA, thanks for visiting. You may have heard of us but are not sure where we fit in or what we’re about. So here’s an overview:

Our services include:


    Industry Representation

    Commercial, Technical and Legal Expertise

    Consultancy Services


  • We serve as a training provider for Technical Theoretical Training Blocks 1 to 3 for Apprenticeship.
  • We’ve partnered with Wits Business School to provide Management Training relevant to the industry.
  • We provide short courses tailor-made for specific skills needs interventions for the industry.
  • We assist companies with the indenturing of apprentices and progress monitoring until trade tests are completed.

Industry Representation:

  • We serve as the official voice of the Industry.
  • We’re the first port of call for Government and other important bodies (locally and internationally) wanting to engage the industry.
  • Industry representation is provided across many forums and organisations.

Commercial, Technical & Legal Expertise:

  • We provide commercial, technical and legal expertise to the industry.

Consultancy Services:

  • We provide consulting services such as:

The facilitation of salary negotiations
Mediation between members and clients
Arbitration between members and clients
Chairing of disciplinary
Hearings appearances at Statutory Council, CCMA and other bodies

(all at reduced rates to members).

  • We provide Secretariat functions to the following industry bodies:

Screen Printing Association of South Africa
Cheque Printers Association of South Africa
Packaging Employers Association of South Africa
Printing Employers Association of South Africa

Any questions? Email us by clicking here.