Business Networking Forum

  Venue:   Riverside Hotel, Durban       Date:   Apr 05, 2023

For the very first time in the history of our sector, Printing SA has been commissioned by the FP&M Seta to conduct industry benchmarking research on the Salaries and skills in the sector across 50 trades and occupations. We have partnered with REMchannel which is a cutting-edge reward management platform giving employers the tools to ... weightings, thresholds, targets and benchmarks of remuneration. We invite members to attend a series of forums at our 4 chambers around the country, where we will be giving the background to the reasons for the research and the objectives. Members will be able to gain an understanding of the value of this research and how they will be able to participate in this project.

KZN Chamber: 05 April 2023 – Riverside Hotel, Durban
Cape Chamber: 13 April 2023 – Printing SA Office - 1 Southdale Road, Edgemead, Cape Town, South Africa
Central & Northern Chamber: 19 Apilr 2023 – TBC

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