“… the perfect vehicle to create excitement, whilst imparting knowledge, within our industry…”

In 2014, Printing SA became the 37th and only African member of the Federation of European Screen Printing Associations (FESPA), which is a federation of associations and an organiser of exhibitions, conferences and special projects for the screen and digital printing subsectors. This move by Printing SA was aimed at ensuring representation of the full spectrum of the print industry, thus addressing an apparent gap created by the progression of print to include digital printing, which is the newest process in addition to the more established processes such as lithography, gravure, flexography etc.

Founded in 1911, the Printing Industries Federation of South Africa, trading under the promotional brand Printing SA, has traditionally catered to the needs of all printers, packaging manufacturers, and service providers to the industry who operate in any one of the several traditional printing processes. Thus, the insurgence of the digital wave in the print and packaging industry meant that new digital printers, as well as current members of Printing SA who had adopted digital printing processes, found themselves in a position where they did not have a federation that fully catered to their new needs.

The partnership between FESPA and Printing SA became the bridging mechanism that ensured that no printer operating in South Africa, regardless of the printing methods they employ, found themselves without a ‘home’. The strength of the relationship between the two bodies lies in the symbiotic relationship that both FESPA and Printing SA enjoy, the benefits of which can be extended to Printing SA’s associate members in that it creates a platform for them to engage with their digital customers whilst it allows members who have incorporated digital and screen printing into their operations to benefit from the various projects, exhibitions and resources offered by FESPA. Upon admittance as a FESPA member, Printing SA launched its inaugural Africa Print Conference in 2015 which aims to highlight the current trends within the print, paper and packaging industry for the benefit of its members as well as suppliers to the industry.

Through Printing SA’s continued efforts to represent the interests of the South African printing and packaging industry, ensuring its sustainability and the well-being of its stakeholders, we will be establishing a new concept called the “Jamboree Week of Print” around the main FESPA exhibition that takes place from 7 – 9 September 2016. What this aims to achieve is offer additional value to Printing SA’s members by offering a plethora of activities under one umbrella. This year, these include: the FESPA Africa and Africa Print Expo (7 – 9 September); the 2nd Annual Printing SA Conference (7 September), and the Printing SA Central Chamber Annual Gala Dinner (8 September) events where members can enjoy networking opportunities with like-minded businesses, Printing SA and the Executives of FESPA.

“The ‘Jamboree Week of Print’ is the perfect vehicle to create excitement, whilst imparting knowledge, within our industry through its use of the key platforms mentioned above to drive the awareness, sustainability and growth of the industry” said Steve Thobela, CEO of Printing SA.

Printing SA looks forward to growing this initiative as a brand to include a multitude of activities aimed at ensuring the relevance of the print and packaging industry over the years to come.

Don’t miss out, be part of the “Jamboree Week of Print” 2016.

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