Expand your skills and empower the industry with training courses from Printing SA.

Printing SA Provides Quality, Demand-Driven Education

We offer training and development that exceeds industry expectations by continuously improving and integrating the transfer of up-to-date, occupationally aligned knowledge, skills and workplace experience for our learners. Through our offerings, we aim to gain accreditation from the Quality Council For Trades and Occupations (QCTO) for new Learning Programmes and to continuously improve and develop the Technical and Theoretical Modules for apprenticeship training as well as new QCTO Qualifications for Printing, Packaging and Signage Occupations and Trades, Trade Tests and Artisan Recognition of Prior Learning Toolkits (ARPL) for new QCTO qualifications and Occupational Learning Programmes for the new QCTO Occupational Qualifications.

Foundational Learning Programme

Printing SA has embarked on a new skills pool strategy to provide member companies with talented individuals who are eager to take up career opportunities in the printing, packaging and signage industry.

Foundational Learning Competence

This 3-month course of study outlines the minimum level of competence required for optimal functioning in the world of work and for learners enrolled on NQF Levels 2 to 4 occupational qualifications.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Occupational Health and Safety compliance training programmes have been aligned to risks associated with working in printing and packaging factories and have been aligned to the specifications and assessment criteria of the new printing and packaging qualifications developed and approved by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

Work Life Orientation

Work Life Orientation training courses properly prepare Learners for the world of work in the Printing, Packaging and Branding Industry.

Technical Training

Technical Modules in all Pre-Press, Printing, Packaging and Finishing trades. Apprentices indentured in the existing CBMT trade training programmes, who are enrolled on Printing SA’s technical modules, will benefit from receiving tuition based on our newly redesigned and developed learning material.

Part Qualification Skills Programme

Printing SA have developed skills programmes for the Guillotine and Folding Machine Operators that align to the knowledge, practical skills and workplace experience modules of the bookbinding qualifications developed and approved by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

Guillotine Operator Skills Programme

Our FP&M SETA accredited guillotine operator skills programme consists of knowledge, practical skills and workplace experience modules.

Commercial Digital Printing Programme

The objective of this programme is to introduce learners to the digital print industry and to teach the key concepts and theories that they will need to become proficient in the Digital Pre-Press and Printing Environments.

Administrative & Management Development

This NQF level 7 programme provides the knowledge, skills and techniques that will lead to more professional management, the ability to make sound and informed decisions, increase the effectiveness of working with diversity in the workplace, and to foster awareness of economic, political and social factors affecting business management.

Work Readiness Programme

The Work Readiness Programme has been aligned to the risks associated with working in Printing and Packaging factories and to the knowledge subject specifications and assessment criteria of printing and packaging qualifications.

Labour Law Workshops

The regional chambers of Printing SA provide a range of personalised Labour Law Workshops designed to provide first-line management, or those aspiring to such positions, the necessary knowledge and skill.

Screening and Selection

Printing SA understands the various risks confronting organisations with regards to the human resources function. By applying our experience in the field and through partnerships with our members the federation is able to effectively mitigate these risks. We provide pre-employment screening, psychometric testing and due diligence checks on all of our learners to ensure that they are work-ready upon completion of our courses.