Our services include:


    Industry Representation

    Commercial, Technical and Legal Expertise

    Consultancy Services

More than this, we promote paper and the South African printing and packaging industry. We also promote the environmental side of printing. Why? Because there are many misconceptions out there.

Here are some of them:

“Printing is a dirty, old-fashioned industry”
“Producing paper destroys forests”
“Plantation forests are bad for the environment”
“Making paper uses excessive non-renewable energy and has a high carbon footprint”
“Printing emails is bad for the environment”

At Printing SA, through Two Sides, we debunk many of these myths – with facts. Click Here for more.

Paper has been around for almost 2 000 years and continues to play a crucial role in our lives. It impacts our lives daily. Without paper, and printing, you’d have difficulty doing your shopping the way you normally do your shopping as there would be no labels to differentiate one brand from another. You wouldn’t be able to use your cellphone, as mobile devices have circuit boards requiring printing. You wouldn’t be able to board a flight without a boarding pass. You wouldn’t be able to get into a sports stadium without a ticket. You wouldn’t be able to…well, you get the picture…

Life without paper would be hard to imagine.

Through our advertising, we aim to highlight the importance of paper and the printing industry in SA.