About Us

We Confer, Consult, Campaign and Train for the Wellbeing of the Industry.
   PIFSA Constitution

Who We Are

At Printing SA, we represent the interests of the printing, packaging, branding, creative design, marketing and communications industry. We ensure the industry is sustainable and that all stakeholders and, in particular, our members prosper.

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As a federation, we promise to:

  • Encourage ethical business dealings within the industry
  • Promote awareness of the role the industry plays within the socio-economical life of South Africa
  • Provide representation to the industry and ensure our members' protection
  • Ensure the interests of our industry are considered by government and national bodies that might affect their interests
  • Provide competitively-priced and relevant services to members
  • Develop meaningful relationships with our members, suppliers, providers, trade unions and the media
  • Provide a forum for members to discuss common needs within the confines of legislation
  • Meet all statutory obligations to stakeholders

Our Vision

To support, preserve and grow the printing, packaging, signage, visual communications and allied industries.

Our Mission

We confer, consult, campaign and train for the well-being of the printing, packaging, signage, visual communications and allied industries.

Our Objectives

We progressively advance and protect the interests of the printing, packaging and allied industries by:

Actively conferring, through creating platforms for industry knowledge sharing and networking.
Consulting all stakeholders for the industry to thrive.
Providing consulting services to improve operations.
Campaigning for the industry with government and related stakeholders to grow the economy.
Upskilling and growing the industry through skills development and training, by ensuring quality and accredited courseware.

Our Values


Approach our duties with requisite skills and competence


Being honest and open in our dealings


Providing value for money


Benefiting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future


Meeting our obligations to all our stakeholders