Business Management Programme (BMP)

Expand your skills and empower the industry with training courses from Printing SA.
Course Outcomes

To introduce new managers to concepts and business skills and prepare them to take on responsibilities that will contribute effectively towards the growth and development of the organisation.

Who Should Attend?

New managerial employees, or those aspiring to become managers.

Course Duration

6 Months.
(One module per month over a six month period)

Course Cost Per Learner

Printing SA Member cost: R 22 000 for entire programme
Non-Member cost: R 26 400 for entire programme

Course Dates

Marketing and Learner Registration Starts : 19 April 2021
Learner Orientation Session: 15 July 2021
Please note that all knowledge assessments are conducted at our Regional Training Centres.

Registration Closing Date:

30 June 2021

Group Dynamics and Principles of Business Communication.

Course Date
20 to 22 July 2021

Introduction to Printing and Packaging
Introduction to Printing and Packaging.

Course Date
14 to 16 September 2021

Planning, Project management and Production
Planning, Project management and Production.

Course Date
17 to 19 August 2021

Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management.

Course Date
12 to 14 October 2021

Business Management
Business Management.

Course Date
09 to 11 November 2021

Finance and Accounting in the Printing Industry
Finance and Accounting in the Printing Industry.

Course Date
07 to 09 December 2021

Wits Commercial Enterprise, in collaboration with Printing SA, offers a Short Business Management Programme (BMP). This 6-month programme has been customised to specifically suit the management development needs of the Printing, Packaging and Signage Industry and is accredited by the Council of Higher Education as a short course offered by the University of the Witwatersrand.

Module 1: Group Dynamics and Principles of Business Communication (3 days)
  • Teambuilding, group and team interaction
  • Diversity management
  • Creating effective presentations.
  • The use of technology in business communication including spreadsheet and business tools
  • Writing and structuring reports, assignment writing instructions
Module 2: Introduction to Printing and Packaging (2 Days)
  • Introduction to Printing
  • Paper Making
  • Light and Photography
  • Colour
  • Pre-Press.
  • The Major Printing Processes
  • Print Finishing.
Module 3: Planning, Project management and Production (2 Days)
  • Project conceptualization and establishment
  • Planning and costing the project
  • Printing production management
  • Various software platforms for printing – production software and office printing
  • Project management tools, monitoring progress, managing project risk.
  • Managing change, project reporting and closure
Module 4: Human Resource Management (2 Days)
  • Labour market challenges
  • Understanding the legal employment framework
  • HR information systems
  • Managing the employee life cycle, including: recruitment, selection and placement.
  • Induction
  • Performance management in printing
  • Remuneration, job analysis and design.
Module 5: Business Management (2 Days)
  • Leadership
  • Quality
  • Value Chain
  • Sustainability
  • Product life cycle.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Module 6: Finance and Accounting in the Printing Industry (2 Days)
  • Introduction to accounting principles
  • The accounting framework
  • Costing principles and break-even analysis.
  • Costing and estimating printing jobs
  • Budgeting and understanding financial statements

Candidates are required to successfully complete research based assignments for each module before being provided a Certificate of Competence from the WITS School of Economic and Business Sciences.