Management Development Programme (MDP)

Expand your skills and empower the industry with training courses from Printing SA.
Course Outcomes

To broaden the perspectives of managers, salespeople and specialists in the Printing, Packaging and Signage Industry whose previous experience has mainly been in specialist areas, by providing knowledge, skills and techniques that will lead to more professional management, the ability to make sound and informed decisions, increase the effectiveness of working with diversity in the workplace, and to foster awareness of economic, political and social factors affecting business management.

Who Should Attend?

Managerial employees, or those aspiring to become managers, who have successfully completed the BMP.

Course Duration

6 Months.
(One module per month over a six month period)

Course Cost Per Learner

Printing SA Member cost: R 28 000 for entire programme
Non-Member cost: R 33 600 for entire programme

Registration Closing Date:

04 June 2021

The Business Environment
The Business Environment.

Course Date
22 to 24 June 2021

Theory of Accounting and Finance
Theory of Accounting and Finance.

Course Date
20 to 22 July 2021

Project Management
Project Management.

Course Date
17 to 19 August 2021

Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations
Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations

Course Date
14 to 16 September 2021

Strategic Management
Strategic Management.

Course Date
12 to 14 October 2021

Operations Management
Operations Management.

Course Date
09 to 11 November 2021

Wits Commercial Enterprise, in collaboration with Printing SA, offers a Short Management Development Programme (MDP). This programme is accredited by the Council of Higher Education as a short course offered by the University of the Witwatersrand.

Module 1: The Business Environment (2 Days)
  • Micro- and Macroeconomic concepts
  • Quality
  • Value Chain
  • Sustainability
  • Product life cycle
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Module 2: Introduction to Printing and Packaging (2 Days)
  • Financial reporting framework
  • Understanding financial statements
  • Financial statement analysis.
  • Cost management and estimation of printing projects
  • Capital budgeting and project analysis.
  • Concepts of financial management.
Module 3: Project Management (2 Days)
  • The relationship between organisational strategy and projects
  • Project scope and definition
  • Estimating project duration and costs
  • Developing the project plan
  • Management of risk
  • Scheduling of resources
  • The role of leadership and managing project teams
  • Partnering, project audit and closure
  • International projects
Module 4: Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations Practice in the Printing and Packaging Industry (2 Days)
  • Compliance
  • Human aspect of business management
  • Work organisation
  • Strategies for designing and managing work
  • Work performance, organisational design
  • Managing diversity and gender issues
  • Broad-Based Black Employment Equity (B-BBEE)
  • Leadership and management roles
  • Setting objectives for self and staff
  • Time and conflict management
  • Performance management.
Module 5: Strategic Management in the Printing and Packaging Industry (2 Days)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strategic Choices
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • The Strategists Toolbox
  • Corporate governance and ethics.
  • Sustainability and environmental issues in the printing and packaging industry
Module 6: Operations Management in the Printing and Packaging Industry (2 Days)
  • System view of operations.
  • Productivity and efficiency.
  • Overview of quality standards/li>
  • Operations planning and control
  • Time-based competition
  • Inventory and Value Chain Management
  • Broad-Based Black Employment Equity (B-BBEE)
  • Total cost management

Candidates are required to successfully complete research based assignments for each module before being provided a Certificate of Competence from the WITS School of Economic and Business Sciences.