Christmas Break

  Posted On:   Dec 08, 2020

2020 has been an extraordinary year that has no doubt forever changed the way that we interact and do business. As challenging as it has been, the federation has been resilient and persevered during this time, hopefully living up to our promise which is to confer, consult, campaign and train for long-term sustainability and future growth.

Just as importantly, the entire Printing SA team would like to take this opportunity to wish you and those closest to you, all the very best for the holiday season. May it be a joyful, restful and safe time for you and your family.

Please note our holiday season closing and opening dates and times:

  • SHUTDOWN: 12h00 on Friday,18th December 2020.
  • RE-OPENING: 08h30 on Monday, 4th January 2021.

Lastly, kindly ensure that all accounts are in order by 15 December 2020. Please request any outstanding invoices and statements as soon as possible, as any queries submitted after the 15th will only be handled in January 2021.

Once again, our very best wishes for the coming holiday season, The Printing SA Team


Health is an important topic, especially during COVID-19. With that in mind, Printing SA partnered with Agility and Health Squared to bring a session filled with insights as to how attendees could harness these underplayed areas of their and their employees’ well-being.

Watch The Webinar: COVID-19: How to Thrive – Print Industry wellbeing takes the spotlight.

For more information on Agility, please visit or call (+27 21) 918 6210.


During tough economic times, training and employee education are often overlooked because companies begin to seek ways to cut costs and focus on operations.

This is understandable, but investing in your employees helps your business succeed! When you invest in employee training, they become better acquainted with the finer operational details and they are given the skills to become more productive within the business.

To find out more about Training and Development processes and their value, Printing SA held a discussion session with Ken Leid, our National Training and Development Director.

Follow this link to watch the discussion.

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On the 10th of December 2020, FESPA will be hosting their latest Coffee Break webinar. The webinar will be hosted by FESPA’s Technical Support Manager, Richardson-Locke together with Paul Sherfield from Missing Horse Consultancy, and Fred Thornton, Technical Sales consultant of Bodoni Systems, an AGFA company.

Their goal is to show viewers the value of objective colour assessment and how software like PressSign 10 coupled with the right spectrophotometer can help you get better and quicker results.

There’s a world of difference between, ‘That’s good enough’ subjective quality control and a professionally measured and managed approach. It isn’t hard if you have suitable measuring equipment and software to guide your actions. You can benefit from building workflows for products and processes that are predictable and with a little more effort, you can verify your work to agreed specifications from FOGRA, GRACoL or your in-house tolerances.


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