Training News

  Posted On:   May 28, 2024

Transition to Occupational Qualifications

The transition to Occupational Qualifications by the QCTO is in process. This announcement was formalised in August 2023 by the Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Training.

In simple terms, the landscape of Apprenticeship training for the industry will completely transform, in that Technical Theoretical (TT) Training Blocks will become obsolete and will be replaced by new Occupational Pathways that will lead to Occupational Qualifications, effectively deeming learners who complete the training as Qualified Artisans. The new Occupational Qualifications will be effective from 1 July 2024, but current learners in the ‘legacy’ or ‘old’ system will have till 30 June 2027 to complete their Apprenticeship, provided they register as an Apprentice before 30 June 2024.

Over the last few years, Printing SA has developed multiple ‘Qualification Frameworks’ and ‘Learning Materials’ for a vast majority of the new Occupational Qualifications, covering trades pertinent to the Printing, Packaging, Signage, and Visual Communications Industry. Presently, Printing SA is working closely with the FP&M SETA to expeditiously develop Trade Test Tools to finalise the registration of Occupational Qualifications in readiness for the transition.

To ensure continuity for your learners, we recommend that you enrol on Apprenticeship programmes with Printing SA before 30 June 2024. This will ensure that your learners are able to continue their learning journey without concern for the transition over the next 3 years. Should you delay this until after 30 June 2024, it will be too late, and the learners will have to wait for new qualifications to be registered before any learning can happen.

Please get in touch with any of our Regional Training Coordinators or National Training Department for further assistance on this.